Apr 112010

Oprah had a dream and it came true. She dreamed of being an actress, she knew she’d be an actress, she gave all she had and did all she could until she became an actress and now she’s making our dreams come true.

I have a dream and it’s coming true. When I published Sending You Sammy I didn’t dream it would be a challenge to get media to cover it’s story. With the intention of changing the reversing the rates of childhood obesity and literacy in North America I thought local media would love to cover it. Come to find out I needed to dream bigger!

Instead of setting my goal to be covered locally I soon was covered nationally by Canadian Living and now my dreams have increased dramatically – I want to be heard all over North America and beyond. I can do that by being on Oprah.

So please, watch the video, vote for it and, if you have a moment, please email Oprah about it. I’ll get her attention so I can get yours. 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching!

Sarah Butland

  One Response to “When I’m on Oprah Will You be Watching?”

  1. Hey Sarah, you’re awesome. Leaves me inspired seeing someone chasing worthy dreams. Let me know when you’re on Oprah would love to watch. Keep it up!

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