May 172010

It’s hard news to read but not necessarily surprising. Always clean cut, hilarious, inspirational, brilliant and kind it’s hard to imagine Robert Munsch, famous children’s book author, sad but he is human after all.

With over 42 beloved children’s books published and a vast number of them on the bestsellers list Robert Munsch is to be greatly respected and admired as an author. As a person, the revealing confession made public May 15, 2010 via his own website (, he’s made mistakes but should these mistakes reflect poorly on his ability to make our children laugh, smile and want to read?

I often turn away from “outstanding” talented artists because I don’t agree with many decisions they make. Role models should teach us the importance of living life to its fullest without hurting others. They need to act responsibly, to be someone I can respect and want to be like. I feel they can make mistakes but if they continue to make them and bombard the media with stupidity and their denials I cannot support them. Robert Munsch, however, was open and honest with his family, sought help, was responsible enough to be sober while caring for or speaking to children and wrote and told terrific stories that gets children reading!

Will I see him live again? Absolutely. I want my son to experience a great stage presence. Will I buy one of his books? Of course!

Do I think Robert Munsch dealt with his troubles in a way I hope my son will avoid? There’s no doubt about it.

Life is about learning and this is definitely one of those moments you sit back and evaluate the importance of the lesson, the teacher and the message.

Of course, this is just my own opinion and I am hoping to hear from you about what your thoughts are. Feel free to comment below or send me a private email if you wish your comment to remain private.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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