Dec 012009

Giving birth to my first child was a daunting experience even though I made every effort to remain positive throughout the entire pregnancy. I put forth the best of intentions to have everything go smoothly – concentrating on the date of birth and how long the delivery would take. I was surprised by the outcome for both – one more pleasantly than the other but I made it and now have a wonderful little boy on my hands.

When talking to him, as I am constantly doing, I put forth a great amount of effort to be extremely positive and feel that, for the most part, I’m doing a great job of this. There are times, of course, I say something negative and only realize it when it’s out into the universe. It makes things more difficult when people around us are constantly telling him negative things.

So far I’ve said “life is tough, isn’t it”, “what’s the trouble?”, “you’re so angry”, “why so sad?”, and these are just what I recognized and can remember (being sleep deprived makes you forget things). I’ve heard others say things like ‘life is terrible at this young age’, ‘doesn’t life suck?’ etc. It baffles me every day how negative of a world we live in especially when people (including myself) know how great things are when you remain positive.

If you have any advice at all for how to give little William the best chance of picking up only positive vibes please let me know. Every effort is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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