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Immediately I was drawn to the story of Ruby and her determination and confidence we should all be eager to have, not to mention her reading nook and love of books. In Rise! A Girl’s Struggle for More, we are brought back to life in the 1920’s and the balance of accepting and questioning societal norms.

Floyd Boehm was able to tell the story of her grandmother in a way that I could quickly relate to and eagerly wanted to learn more of. While inspired by the woman in her life, and past, this story is fictional while being motivational. It talks of young Ruby wanting more out of life than to care for a man and a family. She dreams of going to the places she is expected only to read of, and then only between chores consisting of cooking dinner and plucking feathers off chickens. She is respectful, resourceful and far beyond curious as she gets glimpses of what her own mother could have been but sacrificed.

This story touches on the concept of acceptance of people’s choices and desires, finding different pathways to bring happiness and the support needed to make it happen. Though Ruby was alone in many of her decisions she also knew the best choices for her required strength and determination. Values we should all search to find within ourselves.

It certainly does take a village and the family that Ruby is raised in proves that time and again though it also takes passion, some planning and an individual outlook that wasn’t the cultural norm for a young lady to have.

Floyd Boehm offers humour, insight, adventure and more in Rise! A Girl’s Struggle for More as well as foreshadowing and a craving to know what comes next for Ruby, Arthur and the next journey to a foreign city. This story offers a fabulous way to learn about history, changes and the struggles plus rewards of being different than everyone else. A must read for any young person who feels the pull to be something more. To give back to the community and find pride in their accomplishments.

Published by OC Publishing based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Another reason I Read Canadian. 🙂 I also invite you to check out the cover reveal for Rise! A Girl’s Struggle for More on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to their channel today!

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Sarah Butland

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for your very thoughtful review! And, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Dear Sarah,

    I am pleased you enjoyed my book Rise a Girl’s Struggle for More!” You captured my grandmother’s spirit, and she would be so delighted with your review. Thank you very much.



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