Oct 062021

The third part to the adventures of Private Investigator Sebastian Synard, Three for Trinity delivers intrigue, reality, drama and Newfoundland to the reader.

Like many, I read to escape the chaos that is reality, to go to a place and relax in the mystery even if just for a few minutes. While I was hooked by the very first scene of Three for Trinity, I was also hesitant based on its mention of Covid and the government regulations that it brought with it. With the virus on everyone’s mind for far too long, I pick up books, especially fictional ones, for a break from all of that. Fortunately, Major handled it well and balanced the trials of the last year well with the allusion of escape and mystery.

Along with Synard, we thankfully see a lot more of his faithful sidekicks, his son Nick and their dog, as the trio balances itself well to move the story along nicely. It’s also wonderful to see Synard be dad and not just tour guide/private investigator/former teacher. I discovered the softer side of Synard who, after a divorce, is finally exploring new loves and adventures while still being respectful and hesitant based on his new roller coaster profession.

With tours of Newfoundland being minimal due to the new regulations, Synard fills his last tour of the foreseeable future with Atlantic residents, including a cop he is trying to discretely woo. When that comes to an end, his Private Investigator instincts emerge as he vows to solve the case of the man who died on stage in front of the groups eyes. This, in turn, leads to a camping trip on minimal budget, as he explores the land and people of Newfoundland through the eyes of both a sudden death and what may be discovered as a cold case.

Three for Trinity packs a few punches and is a terrific follow up to One for the Rock and Two for the Tablelands, all of course by Kevin Major and published by Newfoundland publisher Breakwater Books Ltd. The trilogy follows Synard as he navigates the rocky but brilliant landscape of the Atlantic province while alluding to much more development of the characters within.

Definitely a recommended read, even if you still haven’t read the first two but especially if you did!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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