May 302018

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Max was a planner. Doing something so big so impulsively was strange. Maybe it was the exhaustion and not being able to sleep while being monitored for a concussion, maybe it was the giddy feeling he had about moving back in with his family. But most likely, it was his encounter with Flo and the peace he felt while playing with her.

All night the doctors were coming in his room with the phone or a new test of some sort and finally he had his answers. He’d be fine, his marriage would be even better.

At 11:30 he was told his family was on their way to take him home. He was to take a few days off but would be fine and that was perfect for him. At 11:34 he was told he had another phone call and it was the magical one.

When he got off the phone, promising to sign the documents as soon as he got home, Judy was cursing him for working again already. The stress in her face was obvious and he was smirking in return.

“It’s work of another kind, I think you’ll like it.”

“The doctors just finished telling me not to let you work – not even a phone call. I can’t believe this.”

“Judy, stop, let me speak.” Max sat on the edge of the bed, took his wife’s hand and invited his children in closer. “What would you say if I told you I bought the abandoned house?”

“No! That place is terrifying!” Helen gasped.

“Cool,” Lucas said but seemed nervous.

“Why would you?”

“It will be your art gallery. I’ve arranged for restoration to start this week and it will be done in a month, maybe two. The firm will handle all of the details to ensure everything is on the up and up so you should start painting -you’ll have plenty of rooms to fill.”

“You’re serious?” The light in Judy’s eyes was magnificent though her voice was still filled with fear.

“You can’t back out, there’s no way I’ll let you. Let’s go home,” Max said and they all held hands, making it difficult to get through the door but somehow they did.

Stay tuned for the next and final installment…. Z’s….

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