Mar 152018

Not only is Novak an outstanding author, she is such a great person with a wonderful team and group of fans supporting her. I am in awe of her talents and effort as well as her outreach in general. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed a book of hers yet as I have read and enjoyed so many and will need to correct that immediately.

Most recently Novak did two magical things I’m in awe of. The first is stepping up to donate some books to a writer friend of mine who recently lost her home due to fire. I asked her group of loyal followers if they could support my #BeccaToldMeToo cause and donate a book or two to help lift my friends spirits. Not only did Brenda Novak approve the share on her site of over 12500 members, she offered to send some books, too!

We all know even best selling authors sometimes struggle in this world of piracy and closing bookstores so it means such a great deal to me knowing she has such a kind and giving soul.

The other is that when she introduces a game on her Facebook Book Group site people respond in a huge way! Her #TuesdayNightGameNight! post asking fans to comment with a book title starting with the last letter of the last post prompted over 850 comments and counting – each including a different title.

This tells me there are such good people in the world, we just have to look for them sometimes.

Why didn’t I think of her on International Women’s Day? Likely because she is so modest and I feel she’s just so under the radar but in many ways that makes her even more powerful!

Thank you for all you do, Brenda Novak!

Sarah Butland

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