Jul 252017

Despite some opinions of those I live with, talking really isn’t my thing. When I do talk I want to talk about the meaning of life and happiness, what makes someone’s heart beat a bit faster and the like – big talk, as mentioned in a previous post. Otherwise, I want to write.

Writing is just something I’ve always preferred – not wanting to take up someone’s time with sorting through all of my crazy emotions. So I take out a journal, or sign into my website, and spill – not knowing if anyone will ever read it. In my writing I’m most raw and honest as I’ve always just written with no expectation of a wide readership.

Yet I Want One

I have wanted on since I was a child. Always vowing to the world and myself that I would write, be an author and yes, I have to admit, make money with it.

I’ve been making some money and completely delighted to have experiences to read to children and participate in various events and, though it scares me tremendously, I love being in those moments! But I am still not making enough to pursue my passion full-time so I’ve been listening to authors who are for tips and encouragement.  There are people, authors, who do make a wonderful living through the written word even though so many people still feel this dream is impossible.

Unfortunately, too many of these webinars, despite their titles promising tips on making a living through writing, focus on giving speeches and creating online programs and anything other than writing.

I know there are readers still out there, even ones who buy books instead of downloading and hording freebies, so I know there’s a way to do this and I know I’ll find it sooner or later.

What do you think?

Are you living your own dream against all odds?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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