Jan 172016

Everyone needs to start over at some point in their life, some do so unwillingly and others with commitment. Jamie, the main human character in Touch of Gold, balanced both as she moved to a new community in Nova Scotia when her parents divorced.

As a shy girl, Jamie struggled to find new friends at school but befriended a horse and cat fairly quickly. Visiting them regularly and offering treats and care, this thirteen-year-old girl immediately dreamed of taking her first lesson on this strange horses back. She decided to call the horse Peach before she knew the palomino already went by Touch of Gold or Goldie in jumping competitions.

Through the tale of a young girl finding her way in a new community, we meet many other characters but Gorham was masterful at keeping them all straight for the reader. She was also brilliant at making each easily related to and with flaws you’d hope they outgrow.

The descriptions of the horses and well-written scenes made me feel like I was right inside the stables, smelling the sweat of horse and riders. With this being Gorham’s first book, I am eager for her to write many more.

You can learn about the author and more about her book by visiting her site: Vivien Gorham.

As always, thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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