Apr 282014

When I saw the book Are You Willing?: change is the price of progress I knew it was a must have and immediate must read for me.

With so much changing in my life recently and much more to come, I’ve been listening to a lot of positive affirmation audio books and learning a lot from each but reading this summed it all up nicely. Getting tidbits from such greats as Napolean Hill, Jack Canfield and more, R Louis Hill was an ebook I quickly downloaded and read for great impact.

Well written about something we can all relate to, this is the story of how R Louis Hill overcame excuses we all know too well. Though there were a few minor editing errors, the valuable content contained in these pages far outweighed them.

A summary of a 20+ year journey, Are You Willing?: change is the price of progress made me react with both sympathy and familiarity from thoughts of suicide to accomplishment and recognition and, I promise, will have you quickly appreciating how simple it is to change your mind about your past, present and future outcome.

A must read for anyone who has experienced change.

Thank you for reading, and changing,

Sarah Butland

author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm


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