Apr 132010

This book is an absolute must read. From the very beginning it’s motivational, inspiring and direct. The only difficulty I found was to continue reading it instead of putting it down to put forth effort by following it’s instructions.

Napolean Hill was given a task by Andrew Carnegie – interview many rich people and write a book about the secret of getting rich. He studied this for 20 years and compiled his findings in Think and Grow Rich for you and me. I’m forever grateful for his doing this and for Carnegie for instructing Hill to follow through in his findings.

Success is something we all live for; being rich is something we all desire. Hill not only makes it possible but feasible for each of us to do just that.

Revealing, brilliant, simple, and so much more, Think and Grow Rich has allowed me to clearly see who I’m meant to be, how to get there and where I will be once I take all the steps necessary.

You have to read this book again and again and again.

Happy successes,

Sarah Butland

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