Jul 022009

With my first pregnancy although I’ve been trying to think positively I have been suffering greatly and so have those around me. Today, I’ll be changing that.

I opened my email to The Secret newsletter I’ve been receiving to see the question “How do I stop negative thoughts?”. I was just thinking that exact same thing all week but the answer is simple.

Think positive ones.

Don’t think about how you put an end to that stuffy nose, the watering eyes, the humidity, etc. Think about what is great in your life and you won’t have the time nor room for those thoughts.

Today I have planted the seed of thinking about how fantastic it will be to bring my baby home to a new house in the country, how thrilled my husband will be to see the baby outside of my belly, and how we’ll finally be able to put all our parenting thoughts into action.

I just know these small but important gems of my life will keep me going and will make my stuffy nose be nothing more than a reminder of what is yet to come.

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