Jul 012009

Can’t wait to receive this great book? Not in Moncton to buy it at the stores? Don’t worry! My publisher, ProSpec Industries Inc, has made this available for download for an incredible deal. Only $4.97 CAD you can own the eBook version of Sending You Sammy to be able to read to your child within minutes. That’s right! Through our secure server you can purchase this for the incredibly low price of $4.97 CAD and read it practically now.

Why wait? There’s no reason to! Even if your book is in the mail it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of Sending You Sammy now! If you’re waiting to see if your kids will like it (I promise you they will) then test the waters with this full version, full colour and, of course, full experience of Sending You Sammy today!

See what all the kids in Moncton are talking about and visit Ebooks I promise, your kids will love reading this book. I know, I know, you’re skeptical but between reading this book and doing the activities from the BananaBoyFans newsletters available for sign up instantly at www.BananaBoyFans.com, your kids won’t be saying their bored every five minutes!

Enjoy this opportunity now!

From all of us at the AdventuresOfSammy.com!

Happy reading! Great Eating! And be Healthy!

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