Jul 122009

Have you ever mixed up your letters? Struggled with reading out loud? Became confused with reading a map or following directions? What if this happened to you every day and you were too afraid to admit it?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that many people deal with everyday. While you may be able to enjoy reading a good book, know how to read a map and remember phone numbers easily there are others who struggle to read a shopping list. Improving literacy starts with you!

Learn about dyslexia, how to recognize the symptoms and encourage ways to turn people’s lives around. Most of these tips and concepts can be used for children as well as adults with dyslexia so it’s a good idea to start today! You can even use some of the tips in this Beating Adult Dyslexia Ebook to improve your own reading ability.

Dyslexia is not a disability, it’s a talent waiting to happen.

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