Mar 262013

Laws are meant to be changed,
to be updated with demand and proof of worth.
Rules are made to be broken
to make way for the impossible.
A box isn’t meant for containment
but to break through and look back on.
You are human, you were born to choose,
to make sense of what society is offering
when it often makes no sense at all.
Your choice is our decision to accept or ignore
yet so many still try to control it.
These people try to create the box,
doubt the impossible
and, unfortunately, create laws that
we don’t always agree with.
If we do not choose to question the laws
we are choosing to accept them,
please realize most laws were created centuries ago
when people thought we couldn’t fly.
Before someone landed on the moon
and cars were driven.
Now, if nothing else,
try to accept someone for being unique
because you, too, are unique in many ways
we have yet to discover.

Sarah Butland

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