Jul 222023

TP Wood is a new author and longtime reader and writer. He is someone I knew was special the first time I met him, I just didn’t quite absorb the importance, I still haven’t.

TP Wood is a friend and fellow writer who is teaching me a lot of things about the confidence of being present, the acceptance of a life lesson and how to speak up and be heard. His first novel, 77* North, was one he and his publisher Mosaic Press, wanted reviewed on Miramichi Reader so I eagerly agreed, proud of my recent connection with the fabulous James Fisher who manages it. And, while I admit to hesitating at him declaring the book “Magic Realism” which is not my genre of preference, I dove in and invite you to read my review on Miramichi Reader to see what I thought.

Connecting with new authors, including TP, I am feeling re-energized through their hope and to see what steps they take. One example is a prime one with TP reaching out to a book club hosted at a local library. Little did he know, I was part of that very same book club for years and surrounded by readers who knew I wrote books and the members even read them. The same members were thrilled about the idea of having an author come into the club to chat about his book. Funny, I was a part of the same club for three years and they didn’t seem so excited until that window opened up and I spoke up.

As an introvert, I tend to shy away from celebrating my own books yet eagerly tell the world about other authors. I’m learning from them to speak louder about my own stock of books and find new opportunities instead of excuses to connect, sell and find new ways to celebrate literacy. And I know some of these new authors can learn some from me and my mistakes.

That’s what is so great about this wonderful world of writing – it’s a supportive community, not a competition, and we are all in here to celebrate the voice of those who share it. It’s all just a matter of listening.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts,

Sarah Butland – Author

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