Aug 142022

Memories on the Bounty by Janet Coulter Sanford is a special book for me for many reasons. One of which is that it was written by my grade eleven teacher who encouraged me to write. Second, because it’s a beautiful story of memories relived and the beautiful dance between friendship and history.

This non-fiction story of Nova Scotian history, is also the story of friendship, cherished memories and collecting valuable insight from those who won’t be able to forever tell their story. This collection of memories was written so well it felt like I was back in the room with dear friends, conversing about years gone past. Being unfamiliar with the stories of the Bounty, a ship with several tragic but intriguing tales, I was enthralled with this viewpoint of a bit of history of Nova Scotia.

Coulter Sanford danced through time, using the right words instead of fancy footwork and invites the reader to dance the tamure, a popular dance in Tahiti, with Roy, as the sailor relived his adventure days. The author, in her first book, captures the beauty of friendship, sailing and adventure in a way that seems personnel and therapeutic, for herself, Roy and the reader. Being the fly on the wall during years on the ship, decades of friendship and heartwarming moments made the read ever so touching for me. Especially with the author being someone who has taught me writing, encouraged expression on the page and always seemed to be more of a friend and equal than someone who was in charge of marking my tests.

In this, I felt like her teacher and being the one to be able to give insight into her writing style though, of course, she passed with flying colours of brilliance and awe. Published fittingly by a Nova Scotia publishing company, Nimbus, this story was complemented wonderfully by photos, newspaper clippings and sweet telegrams that sprinkle this adventure story with romance and hope.

This is why Memories on the Bounty was an honour for me to read. And it’s historic importance, journey of joy and friendship is why I think you should read it, too.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. A +++. What a beautiful review. I love your title and the dance theme that you carried throughout the review. The book was indeed a dance between friendship and history. I’m overwhelmed with your insight and high praise. Thank you, Sarah, for honouring me and my book in this lovely, heartfelt review. I am so proud of you❤️

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