Nov 162021

*Side note, before we get started: Every darn time I write Mistletoe I first write Mistletow. I even think about it but automatically add that ‘w’ and hope I am not the only one.*

Kelly Moran is not only a talented author who lives south of the Canadian border, but I’ll forgive her for that, she is also a wonderful friend who, like me, once struggled, but now has a resume a mile long that she should be proud of.

I remember first meeting her, online – only ever online but I hope to remedy that at some point, and she had the same struggles and doubts but also confidence and determination as a writer as I did. We immediately connected and bonded over the journey of needing to write versus wanting to find readers. By the looks of her author page and the results of Amazon searches, by golly I think she has arrived!

Not to mention her award wins and International best-selling fame! So many congratulations to this lady who figured it out!

With Mistletoe Magic, the sixth installment of her Redwood Ridge series, Moran tackles romance by having the community put forth efforts to match a match maker. With many successful pairings to their credit, Marie, Ruby and Gayle aka “The Battleaxes”, two of the three of these sisters are single and one of their… victims, is out for revenge. Vowing to match one of the three with the new guy in town, Brent gets to work by aligning a lot of coincidences that force the promising couple together again.

A cozy addition to the Redwood Ridge Romance series which is filled with characters, including those who walk on four paws, Mistletoe Magic is a sweet read that will warm your heart – hot cocoa recommended but not required.

My only slight negative about this book is that I got lost in the characters as there were, in my opinion which is what a review is, too many introduced in the first few pages. I found it hard to keep them straight but maybe that’s just a reminder that I should be re-reading the previous five books to make it easier. The box set is available now!

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PS: How inviting is that cover, though! Seriously!

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