May 252022

Brit Happens: Or Living The Canadian Dream is much more than a story of a boy who found love and his home in Canada. This is a story of a dream, many risks and some obscure rewards. I loved this book, not because of being familiar with the names dropped throughout but because it is a how to, a how not to, a hug to all Canadians, a love letter to Atlantic Canadians and a ode to a family blessed to have Mullinger in their life and friends circle.

It’s a comedy show in a book, stage presence obvious from the first paragraph and it made me laugh throughout. It also made me shed a tear, gasp and groan. It made me excited to read every word, even for the stories I am now familiar with. I both dreaded the end and rushed towards it, it was the light in a tunnel of darkness.

I did read it as an ebook, because ebook readers do still exist, yet heard it as an audio book with visuals. I heard the accent which, I personally now declare as a wee bit Canadian despite its thick British charm, and saw the energy he has bottled within. I was rooting for him all the way, even knowing he is now Canadian and has the passport to prove it. Even though I’ve seen him on stage and heard the audience laugh and heckle, only in admiration.

And it’s also a sad tale of separation, life changes, hate letters that were clearly unwarranted. It’s a book that will inspire, welcome and motivate. Leaving people behind with promises to see them again, only to alter that to being a promise to visit their grave sight is a familiar feeling, one I felt through the pages and shed tears along with him. I have been able to name the names to honour them in the best way I know how though understand that may only be something Mullinger can do in the sequel. And by golly I do hope there is a sequel.

Brit Happens is a book that tells the story of a man who made it despite the odds and self-doubts and because of all that it is, I will cherish it and honour it, and feel you should, too.

Thanks for reading and supporting local, like James Mullinger does.

Sarah Butland

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