Nov 112020

This captivating and haunting tale of two sisters caught me from the very beginning. Gerard Collins developed his characters in The Hush Sisters slowly but methodically through secrets of their past and the bindings of their present while giving them, and the reader, chances to hope for their future. He makes it easy to connect and easier to hate the choices they make as they forge their own present and future.

Not for the faint of heart, this is both Sissy’s story and Ava’s, as they look back at their lives together and the people who raised them. Now middle aged and starting over, it is clear that Ava has demon’s inside she’s trying to forget and sell off anything that brings them back while Sissy has some demon’s on the outside she is trying to part with.

With a splash of romance and hope threaded throughout this well weaved story, it does offer something for everything – intrigue, mystery, romance and heartbreak. Just be sure you’re ready for it all as once you start you won’t want to finish!

While some of the foreshadowing was solved quickly, the revealing of each horrific moment was still shocking and heartbreaking.

A Canadian author does it again! Definitely a recommended read.

Be sure to tell me who your favourite sister is and if you think they each made the best decision.

Thanks for reading and supporting Canadian authors!

Sarah Butland

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