Oct 272020

Set primarily in 2000 this story is timeless which is terrifying. Salem Falls is where Jack St Bride escapes after spending time in prison for a crime he swears he didn’t commit but will live with him for a life time.

Rape of a minor.

An accusation a year earlier changes this man from a “favourite teacher” to a man to be afraid of. A young girl who wishes her own life was different writes a journal entry that sets a scene that scars many for life. When Jack is released and winds up in a diner, his life seems to be easier as he vows to start fresh and do the right thing – always.

Until the community unveils his history and then it all spirals out of control again, like a ribbon in a tornado. This time, however, he sees the eye of the storm and holds onto the calm that could be the love of his life.

Picoult, as always, enveloped me into the story life a hot chocolate on a cold day. Sometimes the sips burn and scorch but warmth of the characters, the raw truths revealed in the decisions and the hope throughout fills my soul from the inside out.

For anyone who has experienced any form of sexual assault, this book may still add a new perspective on the situation, not necessarily to make things better but to allow for healing and growth. Any fictional book that allows for growth and change should be read by all.

If you haven’t read this one yet, please consider purchasing it through this link: Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult. And when you do, please tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading and thinking,

Sarah Butland

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