Oct 072020

A lot of the recipes appeal to me from this cookbook and I have made two so far – Snowballs and Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies. Some Good Sweet Treats by Jessica Mitton is loaded with goodness!

The Snowballs, a chocolate macaroon type sweet covered in coconut, were extremely easy to make and the healthy ingredients fairly easy to find and weren’t crazy expensive. The best part, even though I’m not a huge fan of coconut – these are delicious!

I was able to quickly find the coconut sugar and cacao at my local Atlantic Superstore though, have to admit, to save money I replaced the cacao with cocoa instead, using a bit more than the recipe called for but they were delicious and quick to make.

I also loved that the recipe was basic, straight forward and easy to follow even in a rush.

The Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies, while just as straightforward, were a little drier than my family likes a cookie to be. Again, super easy and quick to make and the dryness may be my fault but they turned out ok. I did have a harder time finding the brown rice flour but was able to find it in my local Sobeys and it wasn’t too highly priced.

The photos were excellent and appealing, the ingredients are pretty consistent throughout the book so you won’t buy something that goes to waste.

Published through Breakwater Books, this light weight but heavy impact cookbook is written by a Culinary Nutrition Expert, Award-winning Holistic Nutritional Consultant who definitely knows what she is doing – satisfying the sweet tooth and the healthy diet! Bonus points for being a New Brunswick resident!

Thanks for reading… and cooking!

Sarah Butland

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