Jun 172020

Anne Louise O’Connell has seen the world and lived in some places a lot of us only dream of visiting and she then she wrote about it, actually, she wrote during it as well.

O’Connell, a Canadian from Nova Scotia and now living back in Nova Scotia, spread her wings and abilities to live the life of an expat while freelance writing. From hiking cliffs paths less traveled, and commonly avoided after a rain storm, O’Connell and her partner have as many stories as they do footsteps walked through Asia and beyond.

I did wonder why she didn’t include pictures in the book but quickly realized she painted pictures with words, taking me along on many of her adventures from the comfort of my own home.

O’Connell’s sense of adventure, and abandon, has taken her to places not usually found without a tour guide and donkey to take one there. Determined, dedicated, devoted and daring, Swimming With the Elephants and Other Adventures if a great read for those who choose to only dream of traveling and for those who want to visit different lands. It offers tips and insight into how your trip can be made more memorable while staying safe and it’s obvious she would accompany you in a heart beat if you invited her back.

Read this book again and again for the chance to escape and have your heart race while sitting comfortably in your own home!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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