Feb 262020

My Secret Sister by Helen Edwards

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Written by two woman who only discovered they were sisters late in life, this true story took me through heartbreaking moments of family abuse and fury mixed with a beautiful life we should all be lucky enough to have.

Secrets were kept under lock and key until in one moment of frustration the string was pulled and Jenny, the co-author, started pulling slightly and then finally tugging to unearth a history you need to read or live through to believe.

Truth is stranger than fiction and the story of this family proves it.

A tragic yet beautiful tale, I couldn’t give it the full 5 stars as it confused me in many ways (as is natural) but due to the time frame and switching of authors I found it hard to keep up and often had to go back to determine who was speaking and guess at their age/current year.

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