Feb 062020
The Fury (Henry Parker #4)

The Fury by Jason Pinter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first book written by Pinter and I didn’t need to read 1-3 of the Henry Parker series to understand and enjoy it thoroughly. I rated it 4 stars because I was appalled by the lack of editing – an example includes using “meet” instead of “met”. Minor issues and didn’t take away from the overall story but still took me a second to stop and read it again to get it. And that’s annoying when it’s a mainstream author. Not everyone is perfect, I’ll likely have a few errors in this review but nonetheless, it’s disappointing to see so many oversights in one novel.

I will definitely look out for Henry Parker stories again as I connected well with the young journalist who is curious about things maybe he shouldn’t be. Alluding to past events that shaped his life and that of his girlfriend (s).

When Parker is first approached by a man who looked homeless, he wasn’t comfortable as his co-worker was recently attacked in the same area. He had no idea that stopping and talking to him could have saved the man’s life but maybe it didn’t matter.

The twists in this novel urge me to read the next in the series though I am curious about the first installments, too.

If you enjoy a good fast paced mystery and can overlook the editing, this is a great book!

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