Feb 032020

Jason Lawson is a New Brunswick author I will always be eager to read as the only guarantee from his stories is greatness. Sometimes there is a lot of humour, other times history and sometimes, like in The Heist, fast paced adventure that had me hooked from the first scene.

Sarah was waiting for the church service to start, the first one she has been to in years, but more eagerly awaiting the arrival of her brother Matthew. Looking out the window while everyone else looked towards their new minister, Sarah spotted something strange and ran out to investigate.

If she didn’t, this tale would have been a whole lot different so I’m glad the curiousity got the best of her, even if it meant risking her life and others.

The characters were all easy to connect with and adore or hate, and the sucker punch at the end, while could be forecasted, was definitely a sucker punch.

The first of The Mastland Trilogy, Lawson told an entire story and enough of several others to have me pre-order part two, Crimson Snow, the same day I finished the first installment.

Go get The Heist today, I promise you’ll be hooked!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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