Jan 062020

It’s a new year and the theme at this time of year is happiness. We’re all supposed to ring in the new year with a fresh start and resolved to make it the best year yet but it’s not always easy.

Many have a longstanding tradition of ringing in the new year at a party, kissing a loved one or a stranger at midnight and staying up late taking selfies and making memories. Others are stuck working, doing a job of varying degrees of importance and missing out on all of the fun. Which group do you belong to?

There are other groups as well, of course. Those who choose not to party, those who haven’t been invited to party and those who are told “maybe” or “yes, I’ll go” only to be stood up. These people are ending their year with some hope and starting it wondering how to improve their life going forward without admitting they are disappointed with it now.

And for those people, I feel you. It’s a struggle to get over an illness, to deal with loneliness and feel loved and hopeful anytime of the year but I would think especially when everyone is putting on their party hats and painted smiles especially.

So I want to know… if your end of year/ beginning of the new year didn’t satisfy you, what would and how do you focus on what has been going well for you?

Please share, you never really know who you’ll be helping.

Cheers to a year full of amazing possibilities, endless real connections and satisfying results,

Sarah Butland

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