Dec 082019

Our days are filled with miracles though it’s easy to miss them. A smile from a loved one, a shared experience with a family member or a new story told that makes you smile or feel warm inside. But we miss them, too often, looking for something greater.

An ordinary moment that has become so dear to me involves my dog. Lumen, our Dogo Argentino, has a tendency to be on my side of the bed each night after work. I stumble in, ready for slumber, and she’s sprawled out, very much awake but pretending to sleep. When I ask her to get down she looks at me with such a knowing sarcastic look it makes me laugh. I then proceed to laugh and drag her off, while she continues to resist. The process is comical and so elaborate it wakes my husband who is sound asleep.

It’s these nightly brief moments that cheer me up, distract me and have me giggling while I fall asleep. It acts as a distraction from a not so stellar day and shifts my mood. An ordinary moment, one I have learned to expect, but a tiny miracle if looked at it the right away.

I would love to know what your mood altering ordinary moment of today was.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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