Apr 042018

Both are so important so I couldn’t decide (decision is yet another good D topic) which to focus on so I’ll talk about both for this installment of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Dedication is something I lack and make up for with determination. The opposite of dedication to me is excuse and I have a lot of them, way too many, but am still always so determined to make something happen so do need to find the right balance. Squeezing in time is not putting myself or writing as a priority and admitting that is definitely the firstĀ  and one the most important steps as I feel you can’t solve a problem you don’t believe exists.

I am dedicated to supporting and promoting others, maybe too much so and yet I know what it’s like to have that constant support from just a few friends so do my best. This does take away from the precious time I do have to spend alone though so I stumble and question my long term objectives. Paying it forward is something I’ve always done, to the point it is starting to annoy my husband as I am always buying little things to pass along to friends orĀ  asking for donations to help friends in need. This takes time and effort and when it’s not obvious that it’s reciprocated it can be frustrating.

As long as I can recall I was determined though, not only to make it as a writer but also to find things, including happiness, success and purpose. I have so many poems I wrote in my adolescent years about searching for God or meaning, scribbles and gibberish I was so proud of as I came solely from my soul. While I can now easily find items around the house, I am still searching for the bigger things in life including the definition of my personal success.

This all to say that I am determined to thrive in all ways, including finding the time to dedicate to what it is I love which makes me who I am and have always been. I just need to shine a light on the areas that have gone dark so I can connect and continue to help others who need a spark to ignite their own paths.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful and Cherish Your Treasures plus many more!

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