Apr 032018

As you know, I’m participating in the 2018 A to Z Challenge this month so this is my second, and post I should have written long ago.


Contests in general are something people either enter or don’t, with the excuse that they never win yet I wonder how they think they will win if they never enter! So I enter a lot – both writing contests and otherwise. Sometimes I’m lucky, often deserving, and sometimes just pure luck, and have one everything from a toque to a cash prize.

It started when I was young with Crayola coloured pencils where they had a black middle so when you coloured with the “proper” colour and sharpened it enough the colour could change to black. I remember the thrill of it all, I was young then and eager to exchange the winning coloured pencil for roller blades only they were out of them when it came time for me to redeem. Instead, I was showered with gifts including a check so was even happier!

The streak, though often on pause, continues still today. A few years ago I entered a local writing contest after hesitating for so long since I had so much on my plate (including a new born) but was encouraged by many people I look up to so went for it. I went in the zone and came up with a story that was unusual for me (Blood Day the Short Story) and was so honoured to be notified that I won!

Then I often enter contests the local radio station and, though they are not always huge, it builds excitement in my entire household and gives me courage to continue entering.

This all to say – if you expect you’ll lose and don’t enter you’ll lose. If you want to win, enter and hope for the best. The more you enter the better your chances so keep at it – writing or otherwise.

Thanks for reading (and entering),

Sarah Butland
author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful and more!

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