Oct 112017

Speaking with an amazingly talented wonderful friend recently about goals got me to thinking. He mentioned that he is past setting high goals as he would rather achieve many smaller ones than fail at meeting the “big deadline”.

In part I do agree and, of course, in the other part I disagree. I can get very bummed out when I strive for greatness before I personally set deadline and fail, so much so that it takes me a while to try again. So I have tried setting more realistic “easy” goals and have reached them but they don’t seem like much to celebrate.

For instance, I signed up to write guest posts for a friend (Rebecca Graf) who requests an article of 750 or more for her to post on her account. I hesitated only because I wondered if I should sign up myself to start posting under my own name instead of guest posting. But with my Steemit account, Patreon projects, other freelancing work and my objective to write a novel or two, I decided to just write for her when I can instead of feeling obligated to keep another account alive.

And then when I saw it was 750 words or more I cringed at the thought. My blog posts rarely make it to 500 words yet when I sat down with a topic in mind I couldn’t stop having my fingers go, running about 800 words for a lot of the articles (See them here).

So I get where my friend is coming from in celebrating the smaller projects and knowing they are achievable but I’ll continue to set high expectations for myself as I know sometimes I just might get there after all!

I want to know, do you set high goals or are you a fan of many smaller objectives?

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Sarah Butland

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