Jul 292017

A mix of heart break, anticipation and racy bedroom scenes to keep the heart pumping and the blood boiling.

Zoe and Drake have been through enough. While they are successful in making an income through their love of animals, Zoe being a groomer working out of Drake’s vet clinic, everything else seems to have been a test. Zoe, living at home and doing everything she can to care for her Dementia ridden mother in her childhood home, is scared of many things but puts on a brave front.

Drake is the talk of the town for own as the mourn the love of his life’s passing, but is slowly waking up and feels like he is wanting all the wrong things – or people.

Moran is masterful at creating characters a reader easily connects with, situations that are both tragic and filled with hope and spinning it altogether to make for an intriguing read!


Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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