Jun 192017

An 11 year old boy trying to find his way without his pesky little brother getting in his way or slowing him down comes to regret his actions. While he tries to encourage his brother through the idea of levels in life, Cal gets a lot more than he’s ever bargained for.

Sammy is unlucky in that he’s the younger one, still learning to read, shoot baskets and keep up pedaling with his brother while Cal seems to have all the luck. When a new family moves in close by and connect with Cal and Sammy in church their lives change dramatically.

The characters Cal meets along the way while trying to balance just being a kid each have a message for him and the reader.

This book was filled with so much emotion and imagery it seemed to me that it was written from an 11 year old with 30 years of life lessons. Complete with book group or class questions at the end this book has everything!

Amazing and highly recommended for anyone who has lost a loved one and took on the blame.

A heartbreaking tale of guilt that offered beauty where you’d least expect it.

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