Dec 282015

This novel is a great example of foreshadowing and mastering the art of keeping the reader wanting more. An unusual story, taking on the world of mermaids in a fresh and unique way, Steen weaved a tale of romance, coming of age and self-discovery.

Anya, the main character, doesn’t seem to fit into any cookie cut world and is typically ok with that. Only her parents want to follow tradition and have her matched with her mate at a very early age so they can settle down and put in roots… or… maybe seaweed in their case.

Set in Seabright, Nova Scotia, this novel takes us to Halifax as well as to Moncton for parts of the story. The local places mentioned adds an extra interest of this book for me and I love that the author, from the Maritimes herself, ensures her community is well represented.

Following this young girl through the trials and tribulations of being an almost average high school student, we meet Merrick Price and his family who at first seem to be everything Anya needs but then something happens to mix everything up.

The first of a series, Heart of Shell did an amazing job of leaving me begging for more and I bet you will, too!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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