Jan 042015

As a parent I immediately got into the habit of teaching my son to dream and be the best he can be. To try new things and have fun with everything he does because I was always one to stress and play it safe (still do). Wanting to give my son everything he needs to have him be happy, I let him try anything available at the sacrifice of me time.

I don’t do this so he can be the next Sidney Crosby, David Beckham or Adam Levine, I do this so he can discover who he is and become the best person he can be.

It is a struggle – to teach him to live his dream while sacrificing a little bit of mine but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love learning who this wonderful boy is and through him learn to work a bit harder to balance both his aspirations and mine.

It does mean less television watching and video gaming, but in the end it means more one on one time, more self discovery through discovering him. I could not imagine not being able to afford the activities we have him in because I don’t know who any of us would be if not given the opportunity to be our best selves.

Parenting is a balance, like everything in life, and I’m learning to adapt one moment at a time and even though I may not do what you do to raise your child, I respect everyone is doing what they feel is best. And what is best for my child and me will forever be different than your child and you. All parents, and people for that matter, have my utmost respect as we all live our best lives as long as we all understand that we need to get better every day in all possible ways.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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