Dec 212012

You can blame it on the Mayan’s, on the date, on Global Warming but no matter what I think you should treat December 21, 2012 as the end of one life and the beginning of another.

There have been horrible events that happened this year and the years before to you and to others all around the world. Whether it was devastation of a single loss of someone close, the devastating events of Sandy Hook in the US and similar travesties around the world, we each mourn our own personal grievances and ask ourselves why for everything that happens.

We can’t explain everything but now is the chance we all need to educate ourselves on how to make this world a better place. For the lives who’s world did end on a significant date we need to celebrate our own and ensure we do what matters. To love our family just a gram more, to understand who we are, to pay it forward to help a friend and stranger. Make sure people are aware of the resources that do exist for them.

A writing contest –
A helpline –
A dance competition –
A ride home –
A couch to sleep on –
A blanket –
Some food – Your local food bank
A friend – Be one 🙂

And it’s easy to give people what they need even if they are half way around the world through World Vision and you can receive this way as well.

We all know how a tiny little think can lift our spirits and make our day so let’s start making the day of others and pay it forward to everyone has someone who cares.

Thanks for reading and giving,

Sarah Butland

  One Response to “It’s the End of Your World as You Know It”

  1. Thank you, Sarah for turning our morbid collective awareness towards a more positive slant on the world and the human condition. Yes, horrible things have indeed happened within the last year, whether at the hand of humans or the forces of nature. But, remember also, that everything from murder to earthquakes have been occuring for as long as there has been a planet Earth and humans to populate it. We have been cruel. The natural cycles of the planet have been tumultous, but I certainly hope such things have not blinded us, deafened us or hardened our hearts towards what is good, beautiful, kind or miraculous in the world. Thank you for posting. The world will continue as it has always for centuries, but it is up to us as intelligent and compassionate beings to care for ourselves and others as is fit. Only by this can we truly evolve.

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