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Kristin Alexander is the author of a graphic novel titled Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl and has a history of promoting others but now is taking part in telling you about herself and her works of art. Enjoy!

1. You had an interview with Newsarama NYCC in which you introduced us to the elusive spy Coil who doesn’t speak. How does he report his findings to Nuncio and why a grey parrot for the narrator?
The gypsy teen Neci Stans can understand Coil simply by touching him. Coil communicates with Neci only and is lost when the Lusitania is shot down Neci has a special connection with all animals and she calls it “magic” and she can also feel them and decipher what their future holds. Nuncio makes such a wonderful narrator for Neci. He is a young parrot and understands her pain.

2. Your first graphic novel; how was it different from every other project you challenged yourself with? How was it the same?

I’ve never attempted anything like this before but it was so much fun because of Tom Loepp’s creative genius and we learned along the way.I’ve written other books and like them; it was a process.

3. What came first – the illustrations or the story?
The story came first and then Tom the genius drew and interpreted the story. He is amazing and so talented.

4. Do you have more graphic novels with the same illustrator, Thomas Loepp, planned beyond Nuncio?
There are two more books illustrated by Tom in the series and they will all go into an anthology and hopefully be out before Christmas.

5. Are your characters based on anyone?
Yes. Every character has reminds me of a real person that I have known or read about. The location of Dayton, Ohio is my hometown as well. I would have to say that Neci shares many of my own fears and hopes and dreams.

6. In the Newsarama NYCC interview your daughter stood in as a character from your novel. Does all of your family support your dive into creative arts?
Yes. My daughter and husband are especially helpful in shaping the characters and events that go on in my story. We talk about the story all the time and since my daughter is 18; I use her as a sounding board for subjects like young love and romantic attraction.

7. Do you find marketing the graphic novel different than your previous publications including “Find a Great Guy: Now and Forever” and “The Perfect Gentleman: the Secrets Rich Girls Use to Find the Classiest Guys”? How so and how is it the same?
Yes it’s a different process because graphic novels have a world of their own. But social media is a new world and an important world for marketing an INDIE book. Social media was also relevant for my previous books.

8. You were a publicist in your “other life”. Did you learn a lot with that job that you can incorporate into your arts?
In some ways yes. I have learned that contacts and PEOPLE make the success of any product. However, PR is a different thing now. The internet has changed everything.

9. As a relationship expert, do you find yourself wanting to coach your characters through their plight for love? What is one piece of advice you always want to give but shouldn’t?
Yes. It’s true. I feel like saying, “Don’t chase him.” I always want women to find men who are good friends and good people. But you can never tell a woman this. It takes time to learn for yourself.

10. With all of your interviews is there a question you wished you were asked but never were? If so, here’s your chance. If not, please let our readers know some things to expect in your next Nuncio novel.
Yes. I wish I were asked if this book would make a great television series because I think it’s a natural for that. I am actually about to pitch a pilot for a series based on the graphic novel. I’ll go (hopefully) with a production company to HBO and AMC (among other companies) and see if they will tell my story in series form. In the next books we will see Neci change into a young, sophisticated woman and a rich woman as well. She will be attracted to another man and she will end up being a power to reckon with. As an underdog Neci feels connected to Dayton’s Blacks and her protective spirit will end up saving a life and creating a powerful advocate group.

Thanks for joining us, Kristin.

And thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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