Jun 012012

With so many marketing ideas being centered around giveaways and contests it’s hard to even remember which ones you’ve entered. And I hate to lose some that I enter, I’ll be the first to admit I sometimes hit my hand on the desk in an “aww shucks” moment and feel bummed. Not that I think I deserved to win over anyone else but that I really wanted the prize.

What irks me even more is when I realize some of the winners don’t value their winnings. They either never bother to pick them up, send their mailing address or going to the event they won tickets for. They don’t seem to understand that since they win many other interested parties who submitted their entry didn’t. Or when I win and know the seat beside me was drawn for in the contest too but it remains empty.

So many people say if they win the lottery they’ll donate some of their winnings to charity. I fear this is an empty statement in an effort to try to “win the big one” but for some the big one may be what you’ve already won and didn’t claim. If you’re not going to appreciate it don’t enter or if you do and win but find you can’t go or claim it afterall let the contest host know so they can re-gift it. Or hold a contest yourself to pass it along.

Karma is out there in whatever form you want to believe and when you win something you don’t want please remember someone else does want it and lost.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

  2 Responses to “If You Win It Do You Not Value It?”

  1. Most people are just enjoying the competition to prove their knowledge or skills but and not going after the prize. They feel challenged if they are many competitors they compete with, For them the prize of being won and prove their selves on top is not about any material thing. It’s what they called self satisfaction.

    • This is true, in a sense, but still so inconsiderate. Some that I’ve seen don’t require skill of any kind, simply a matter of luck so maybe it’s to prove they are lucky when they are only proving themselves inconsiderate in my opinion.

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