Jun 082012

I’ve been thinking lately about who my favourite authors are and it seems impossible to decide. Not that I don’t have favourites, I do but it always depends on my mood. When I want mystery I go for certain authors over others even though I know some will still be a very good read.

Reading time for everyone is precious, I think more so for writers who typically feel just as guilty reading and not writing as they do writing and not reading. But today I’ll share with you 5 of my currently top authors and hope you’ll share yours with me.

1) Erica Spindler– Her books are amazing but she is much more than that. She is a mentor, a teacher and admittedly a student of marketing even though she’s a best-selling author. Through all my struggles of letting you know I have a book and you can buy it, it’s refreshing and also intimidating to know that already published and successful authors just don’t get readers strategies in book buying.

2) Dan Brown – Possibly the most controversial author in the past few years, Brown took religion to a level others were scared of and created such a discussion that wouldn’t have taken place otherwise. No matter if you’re a believer, a skeptic or a non-believer, Brown’s books certainly makes the world think.

3) Robert Munsch – New respect was found for these delightful books and such the author of them when I had the chance to see him live. To see and hear a theatre full of kids recite his stories by memory, complete with actions and gusto sent me to a world where everyone was able to read and loved to do so. In a world where negative news makes headlines so the decreasing rate of illiteracy is front page to have Munsch reach so many children and adults alike was inspiring.

4) Stephen King – Most readers love him, hate him or haven’t read him I just don’t understand why one wouldn’t appreciate the sales King has generated for his books. Whether or not he writes the best and most original stories he has people reading and buying books. According to Wikipedia his books have sold more than 350 million copies and continue to sell and be adapted to various other forms of literature and entertainment.

5) Chad Pelley – A Canadian author I met before I heard about, Pelley took me to a world like no other. His characters had me crying with them and hoping for them most likely just as much as the character and their creator themselves. Character driven, Pelley’s sole book so far – Away From Everywhere – is a must read for anyone wanting to escape their life for just moment and put their problems into perspective.

A moment of favourites captured forever so now I want you to tell me who your favourite author is without thinking about it too much. Impulse – who do you like and why?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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