Mar 162012

She said to me “I have i my hand a piece of beach glass (beach glass is any sort of glass that is , 1. found on the beach and 2. has been worn smooth by the sand and water) this beach glass is smooth and beautiful. This beach glass has not always been this way. Once a while ago, this glass was shattered and broken. It was left and buried in the sand. It was passed by as broken and all used up. As time went on, the sand was finally able to let go of the glass. The glass was then able to become smooth and beautiful. But not until the sand let the glass go…and the glass was able to let go of the sand…” I am not sure I am telling it all right…but she gave me the beach glass…and it is lovely and beautiful… When she mentioned that the glass had been shattered and broken…even in my state of relaxation and hypnosis, tears came into my eyes and I almost cried as I thought of my own shattered and broken life….she then said this…”This piece of beach glass is no longer a piece…but in itself, it is whole…” And then I thought, even if this glass were able to go back to being a piece of a bottle, it would never fit again. It is enough as it is. Beautiful and whole. Hundreds of people seek out beach glass.

I always cherished that story, saved it for years and found it today. I wish I found the friend that told me. I miss her and often think of her and all of the troubles that surrounded her. Through Facebook and Google you’d think you’d be able to find almost anyone and yet it seems this friend of mine has vanished like the bottle which sometimes turns into beach glass.

Cherish the bottle and the glass it breaks into and be sure to stay in touch with those who you care about the most. You never know when you’ll lose them to the ocean or a stranger who happens by.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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