Nov 262011

Sorry this post is so late, taking care of some things for me all day and now it’s your turn.

Lately I’ve been dealing with some extremely selfish people and although it can be humourous at times it is mostly just irritating. I’m hoping some of them read this but I also know they are busy and may miss it but that you’ll still find some enjoyment in reading this post.

1) Life is all about you, doesn’t matter who else is around. Every decision you make is something that makes you happier.
2) The sun is shining, the snow is falling, the rain is holding off – all so you can spend the day outside working on your appearance.
3) You are great – talented, beautiful, worthy of whatever you want from the world. Go out and ask people to give it to you!
4) Most baths really only have room for one person – escape from others expectations, the need to be a little civil and soak in all of your glory. You had a long day!
5) You’re with you all day, you may as well be making yourself smile no matter who might pass by.
6) The path was made for you to put your foot forward, no matter who is lying in your way. Just step on them – they should know you’re coming through and this is the direction you were born to take.
7) You don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing. It’s you and you should put on a show to entertain everyone and make sure they know you exist – no one else will be doing this for you!

And then there are reasons not to be selfish, I will list the three that are top in my books:

1) It’s a lonely, miserable world when you don’t care who you’re stepping on to get to where you want to be, at the moment.
2) You’ll never be satisfied. You may be momentarily happy with what you have but deep down you know something is missing – that’s satisfaction. It’s better than happiness in my opinion.
3) There’s more than just you to love in this world and if you don’t see it you’re not doing yourself justice.
So please mind the others on your path and take in the beauty of the others who surround you. For yourself, for your family and for anyone who wants to be your friend.

Thanks for reading and considering others,

Sarah Butland

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