Dec 022011

Often time pride and self worth gets in our way and we end of making excuses or blaming others for not being able to achieve greatness as quickly as we’d like. We are the hamster in the wheel, the mermaid swimming land and eventually a sinking ship because we don’t stop to think for a moment about enjoying a break.

Exhaustion is a silent but worth opponent in your need for a better life. It creeps up on us like an inch worm and then never really leaves us alone, we feel it’s presents for hours, days and weeks to come. That buzzing of the mosquito in your ear at night when it’s long since been killed by your fast hand. But how do you tell a child that they should go to bed and rest when the bags under their eyes are extending like you’re trying to fill your carry-on with all of your luggage?

I’m always so envious of my son, who just turned 2, in the way that he can decide if he’s tired and go to bed without wondering what he’s missing. It seems like when he sleeps the world has stopped for him and it’s the next day again. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to get through the day, to live it for what it’s worth but worry about the next day. Concerned that time really is moving much too quickly and the dog and cat will be our source of entertainment again.

So I’m debating – is it better to nap with my son now and enjoy the comfort of him needing me to hold him or stay awake, have a clean house and a story written? Losing myself in the sleepless nights and days seems counter productive to my teaching my son, and all children, that dreams can come true and yet the dream is muddled with incorrect spellings and nonsensical beings if I don’t sleep.

How do you balance your priorities?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One, Arm Farm and….. Blood Day??

  2 Responses to “Better to Do Too Much or Not Enough?”

  1. I am definitely one of those people who goes, goes, goes and feels like she MUST DO IT ALL!!! Thankfully, I am also one of those people who can recognize when she is at the breaking point and then stop to take a breath while feeling only mildly guilty.

    Everyone needs a break at some point. And if you can find the time to take a nap with your son, do it, and forget everything else for a while. 😀

    • I do, it’s just becoming and addiction of mine 🙂 Need to stop making excuses and do more but it seems these are the moments that I’ll cherish the rest of my life, no matter where my writing career goes.

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