Nov 182011

UPDATE: Moncton just voted 7-3 to RID our water of this disgusting ingredient. Please go to CTV to vote and show your support in this wonderful decision. The voting box is about half way down the page on the right and just requires you to click the circle.

1) Rats given one part per million of Sodium Fluoride had offspring crippled at birth.

2) Too much fluoride is harmful to teeth.

3) It KILLS livestock, wildlife, fish and crops so has been banned for agriculture use.

4) Fluoride ingested by healthy adults, only excrete half the amount taken in.

5) Hitler fluoridated the water supply of each country that he invaded because it made the peoples mind more compliant with suggestion! (Subliminal messaging is illegal in most areas, why do we let government conform our minds to their ideas.)
6) It’s used in aluminium production.

7) Effects on the formation and hardening of bones, and delayed fracture healing.

8) It’s been linked to cancer.

9) In plants, high levels of fluoride may lead to the slow growth and yellowing of leaves, as shown in studies where it was exposed to leaves.

10) It’s a chemical and forced on us without our consent, most often against our requests.

Check with your municipality to confirm you’re not ingesting something that we wouldn’t want our plants to drink!

Thirsty yet?

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Sarah Butland
author of Sending You Sammy, Brain Tales – Volume One and Arm Farm

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