Nov 112011

It’s Remembrance Day or Veterans Day today. A day of remembering but most importantly honouring. With each poppy you see, each veteran in uniform and every freedom you have take an extra moment today to say thanks. Here’s 11 reasons why:

1) 92 years ago on this date the First World War ended where over 66000 Canadians died defending our right to basic freedoms. Last November the total count for Canadian military was 152 in our most recent war. Although it’s easy to think this could have been prevented we know this day can be used, and has been in the past, to learn from past mistakes in war and the respect needed to bring our soldiers home.

2) 90 years ago poppies were first introduced to remember one soldier, Canadian Lt-Col John McCrae, who died in battle after writing a poem In Flanders Field when seeing the bright red flower surround a grave sight. Even in horrific conditions beauty was recognized and passed on for us all to appreciate.

3) We are Canadian because of our ancestors bravery. We have rights and freedoms because of their courage to leave their family life, travel to a different country and face challenges we hopefully never have to.

4) Your child may never have to use a gun because of what we’re celebrating.

5) We are more than a person at war; we are a family, a person, a being of hope because of these veterans who ask for nothing more than our respect, our honour.

6) Those family members who were left behind didn’t have Facebook, phone or email to keep in touch with their brave men. They suffered greatly in their absence but remembered why they were gone and returned their love when they returned home.

7) The war for a soldier is never over. It’s always remembered, relived and suffered. A missing limb, a forgotten memory, or a nightmare overcoming their sleep.

8) Help keep alive not only the sacrifices but the tremendous achievements our ancestor’s have made when they didn’t even know we existed.

9) Listen. In that moment of silence at 11:00 AM appreciate the silence. Nature and all it has to provide. Realize how many bombs you don’t feel and how many guns you don’t hear firing.

10) Your neighbour who you can visit at whim and know that your visit will be meet with a smile, maybe a coffee or two and safety.

11) Your freedom.

Thanks for remembering,

Sarah Butland

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