Sep 232011

After reading another author’s blog recently I started rethinking my entire blog and it’s meaning. It’s purpose.

I contemplated how many books this blog specifically sold for me and realized it wasn’t many. I wondered if I should change my ways to help promote the selling of one or all of my books and what I’d have to change to make that happen. Then I realized, I just love that you are reading this and yes, I’d love for you to buy my book but I think reading in general is extremely important.

Besides, I love having an avenue as random as a blog that I can let my writing flow instead of worrying about keeping my characters straight or my plot thick. My mind doesn’t have as far to go for the switch from non-fiction to my blog posts so I can take my break to write them.

Like the man dressed as a banana running beside the quarterback, I can serve my purpose with my blog – promoting literacy, gaining attention – and have fun doing it. And if you buy my book – thank you, you’re wonderful! I have two more for you as well! And if you don’t, you still know who I am and cared enough to come and read my site and for that I appreciate you.

So I may get on topic once in a while but for the most part, I enjoy keeping you guessing at what is coming next and having fans of all walks and reads of books.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

  6 Responses to “On Topic”

  1. Blogs are sure good for that sort of thing. Happy writing, whatever comes to mind.

  2. As long as you are happy writing, we are happy reading your blogs too.

  3. Some blogs are designed to promote your work and some aren’t. I try to keep Mondays open on mine for random musings in my life. Nothing at all wrong with that. Blogs like yours give a glimpse of the person behind the books and that’s good too. They become a person, not just a name.

    You can use your website to promote your books. It works. You have facebook and other avenues to promote your books.

    If you enjoy doing your blog this way, then continue doing it. I suspect there are plenty of people who read it and don’t comment–that’s normal too. I have quite a few who do that, as do all of us.

    Have a good weekend Sarah!

    Sia McKye’s Thoughts…OVER COFFEE

  4. Thanks ladies. It’s good to know I have supporters, at least on my blog. It surprised me the other day when I looked at my number of hits, surprised and greatly impressed. I trust my followers and readers are tremendously greater than I am aware of.

    I appreciate each and everyone of you!

  5. I am excited to know more about your book. You are doing a great job with your blog promoting your book. I wonder what topics you’ll post next. I know I will like them.

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