Sep 302011

Last night I came up the stairs from my office a little bummed out that I didn’t have a blog prepared for today nor did I have a topic nailed down – I have plenty floating but need to feel great about one. I needn’t have worried as good things come to those who wait.

When I reached my hallway my son woke up, barely, but enough to cry out “Mommy, wherearrrr you?” but he did and it got me to thinking.

Do you remember a time when finding your mother was the only thing, not just the most important but the only thing you needed to be happy? Instead we focus on finding money, success, oil, gold, our soul mate, friends, time, you name it – we seek it out. Blame it’s lack of or non-existence on our unhappiness and yet being happy is so simple.

It’s the sun shining on a day you want to go outdoors, the rain falling when you want to stay in. The way your child dances to any song, in the same way. That you have a home to come home to, a family who loves you, a song to dance to. Even if your blood-related family isn’t all you ever dreamed of you know you have a group of people who are connected to you, no matter what. You can also create a family with co-workers, friends, distant relatives.

As I watch my son dip his finger in a spoon filled with spaghetti sauce and lick it or spread it on his cheeks, his nose, his hands, with his shirt and everything in reaching distance I know I am happy. Everything isn’t perfect, some days get lonely when the phone doesn’t ring, the clouds are threatening rain and we want to play outside that isn’t important.

William Rocking the Spaghetti Sauce

Knowing my son loves me and is happy, that is happiness even on the toughest of days.

And if you don’t have a child, sit down, try to clear your mind and you’ll find that one or two things stay at the forefront and it’s these people that make you happy the most. Embrace them and their ways.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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