Jul 082011

I’ve been finding it very easy to lose things lately – important documents, direction, time, myself – and yet I know they all exist and are within reach. I keep thinking once I stop looking these will appear and yet I get frustrated when I cannot provide something when asked for it.

I like to be in control – of my emotions, of important documents, of time (I’m awful with directions) – and when I’m not that’s what I dwell on. Everything centers around this one thing and everything else takes a lesser priority while I go nuts trying to hold myself responsible for whatever cannot be found.

The common question asked is “If I were a ‘enter lost object here’ where would I be but even that’s not being answered lately. I’ve looked everywhere it should be, everywhere I think it could be, everything in my house has been sorted through 8 or 9 times, my own essence has gone through much turbulence and still this piece of me, of my existence, remains buried under a lot of other things, some as equally important as the missing and some less so.

What do you do when you’ve lost track of yourself? How do you get yourself back on track when the railroad has been ripped up from below your feet? Do you grow wheels? Keep treading the path of least resistance? Forget where you were going and who you are and get consumed with where you are and have been?

Help me find what I’m looking for – where would you start looking?

Thanks for reading and in advance for commenting,

Sarah Butland


  2 Responses to “Lost in Plain Sight”

  1. I try to think where the last possible place I would look is. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it really is in the last place I look, which sometimes is close enough to make me want to kick myself. haha Hope you don’t get too lost. We wouldn’t know what to do without you. I’d likely call out the National Guard. hahaha

    • Aww shucks. Thanks Anna. I looked for something so much I am sure I checked the most impossible places and feel like I’m going to find it soon in all the clean up for Christmas. This is after I ordered a replacement, though. lol

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