Jul 152011

As sinus trouble brews in heads life does go on, bills still have payment dates and commitments are screaming to be fulfilled and yet the last thing I want to do when I’m this sick is think.

Usually very healthy and optimistic, taking vitamins… regularly, er… more like when I think of it and can maintain my health even when I have the sniffles. But when my head is spinning, I’ve come to terms with it being my head and not the world… although the world does spin, just not this fast or out of cycle, and yet what keeps my focus is my goals, my successes and my desire to achieve great things.

In a way, in many ways, I’ve been married to my passion for 17 years… I love it completely and entirely and yet it’s a struggle to understand where our relationship is going. I know what we have to work on, what I bring to the table and yet I’m still puzzled at what writing has to offer me in the long term.

This isn’t where I planned for this to go, what I planned to write about and yet my fingers do the typing while my eyes droop, nose runs and chest heaves to get air to my lungs. Another deadline of sorts met and one I hope you’ll read, enjoy and honestly wish health to me and everyone in your life.

Being healthy is where it’s at… knowing who you are, what you want to do and having the focus to continue on that path is something to cherish and desire. Feeling ill or not…

Thanks for reading and truly, I hope this all makes sense 🙂

Sarah Butland

  One Response to “Deadlines Loom in Sickness and in Health”

  1. lol I am sorry you feel so bad.. hope you get better and the world stops spinning!!!
    I started following you…
    Health is THE most important part of our life give me good health and the rest is up to me!!!!


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