Jun 172011

Every season in Canada nature shows it’s ability to transform, blossom and deal with the elements Mother Nature provides. It’s this time of year when I see a brighter green at the tips of pine trees that I reflect the most on the year that passed. I wonder if I’ve grown as much as the trees have, tolerated and dealt as beautifully with what the world expected of me.

I know, like everyone, there are good days and bad days… too much sun for some while too wet for others but overall we all continue to deal. It’s how we deal with it all that counts the most.

And lately as I look at the foliage and embrace all that surrounds me I ponder the science behind the new needles darkening in colour. Is it science or is it our negative thoughts and the power of our energy which sucks the vibrant greens out of each needle? What can we do about it?

Release our colour and capture the light.

Believing and trusting in the law of attraction teaches me to enjoy both the darkness and the light that surrounds us knowing that we let what is necessary into our universe.

When taking the picture above I knew what I was doing as I had this post in mind for a while and new what would capture it beautifully. What I didn’t realize, missed on that bright wonderful walk with my son, was the shadow now representative of the unknown for me. How many creatures were in that strip of darkness waiting for the wind to blow to allow them to see? Were they all scrambling to see and feel the direct sunlight or were they satisfied being in the coolness of the shadow knowing the heat would come when they needed it the most?

What are you doing each day? Are you enjoying the season?

Thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland

  One Response to “Do We Change As Much?”

  1. I don’t know if we change that much, unless we want to change. I have chosen to make changes in my life, and I think they have been positive. I sometimes wonder where old Karen has gone though, not sure if I would still recognize the old me.

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