Jun 102011

Have you ever noticed how many times it takes to press a button to have it preform it’s command? The power button, a channel change button, the snooze button?


The power turns off, or on, the channel changes and the music or beeping stops.

Just once.

And just quickly, not a constant push.

So why is it that almost everyone I see wanting to legally cross the road where there is lights is jabbing that button like their speed and aggression is making them smarter? Or turning them on instead of their actions turning it’s function on? Then there are the others who lean into it, their index finger not leaving the button for a second as they stare at traffic, to the lights, and back.

Is there something special about these particular buttons I just don’t get? Traffic is traffic, we each have our turn waiting to safely cross the intersection and pedestrians really aren’t different. If you press the button with all your force it still won’t make it safe to cross while cars are driving over the crosswalk. Nor will it lift the cars above you or make you tiny to walk underneath them. I know this for certain, not because I tried doing it but because I’ve been studying people who do it.  I know others who study these people as well.

With all this said, I do appreciate the intelligence of pedestrians who choose to cross the road legally as distracted walking should just be as illegal and pursued as distracted driving… maybe?

Thank you for reading, and walking and driving safely,

Sarah Butland

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